4 July 2010

Is Y-zit really cheating on his wife??

I was translating a post about plagiarism in music society in South Korea, and at the same time was consulting my facebook when I saw something which is worth a blog post, on Y-zit's wall.

Y-Zit is a really well-known Malagasy singer, member of the foreign band called "Trag├ędie".

Well, we don't know yet if it's really true [if it was really his wife who wrote all the stuff] or if his account has been hacked, but...
It was today July 4, around 11.26am.Apparently, he forgot to disconnect his facebook and her wife saw it. She made some search with it (she surely read his messages and stuff) Then "she" discovered he is cheating on her. "She" exposed the truth by writing with Y-zit's account on his wall. We can't see it anymore since it's already deleted but hopefully I print-screened it (thank you for the idea, dad!!)
"She" wrote:
[Translation] I'm Y-zit's wife....yes, he left his facebook connected.... and thanks to it i discovered he is cheating on me!!!!!!! so for those who warned me: thank you!!!! her name is mahery rovaharivolanjaka rabezanahary!!!! bitch i leave him to you!!!!!! he's not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the print-screen (click to enlarge):

I don't whether it's a hacking or not but just wait and see...

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