14 May 2010

GV Summit 2010 - People I met there

GV Summit 2010? It's a precious moment in my life.

Arf, I don't know where to start.

When I first heard about GV, I was very interested because for me, it will be the first foreign website to be translated in Malagasy. When I thought about it, I was very excited about becoming a translator. There was no hesitation, I accepted. I've never thought about meeting anyone belonging to GV, going abroad to attend a summit, or something like that. Well, let's skip that, it's a long story.

And then comes the summit. And I was invited. I was like: " (Ô_Ô) OMG!!! What a great surprise!! I will see those people!!! I can't believe it."

Since my dad who is also a translator for Lingua Malagasy is member of the googlegroup: GV-Authors, I often read discussions. There are names that got stuck in my head due to their frequency in my daddy's mailbox: Claire Ulrich, Solana Larsen, Jeremy Clarke, David Sasaki, Georgia Popplewell, Maryalice Quinn, Tomomi Sasaki, etc...,
or Leonard Chien, whose mail: "Today on GV Lingua" is very indispensable for me when I look for new-translated posts or for posts to translate,
or also those who are the authors of some posts I translated: Hamid Tehrani, Sylwia Presley, Suzanne Lehn, Jillian C. York, Tarek Amr, Alexey Sidorenko, etc...

There are also people who I've never known before the Summit: Catalina Restrepo, Sopheap Chak, Elisa Thiago, Debora Baldelli, Namita Singh, Filip Stojanovski, Karlo Mongaya, Ethan Zuckerman, Le Marietta, Paula Goes, Ruben Hilare, Sonam Ongmo, etc etc etc

And sooo many more !!!

Meeting all of you in person was a great moment in my life! GV People are all so nice :)

One of the funny part of this is that I was wrong about the gender of some people (like Jillian C. York, who, for me was a man until I see HER in person) hahahaha

Haha, so many memories :) I have many things to tell. Maybe I will write the rest later...maybe not, it depends on my freetime. But one thing is sure: I will never forget that Summit. 6-9 May, Santiago de Chile.

Photo by David Sasaki aka Oso


  1. Hello Candy!

    It was wonderful to meet you too!
    Shame 4 days was not enough, so much more to talk and know about each of each other!
    Hopefully, there will be more opportunities – I am rooting for Madagascar for the next summit - the Island of Love (ask Lova about it!)


  2. Hi Candy,

    It's definitely our honor and pleasure to have you in Santiago. We appreciate your contributions to GV besides your busy high school life. Thanks, especially, for reading Today on GV Lingua!

    Glad to know you start an English blog. I've included in the blog list I have on my own blog. :)


  3. I like your post, Candy. It's so wonderful to know what you think about GVSummit.

    For me was a pleasure to meet you.

    I want yo have more time for write about your GV_memories ;)

    Best Wishes,


  4. What a lovely post! I enjoyed meeting you, Candy - and was amazed to discover you had taught yourself Japanese! Maybe a Japanese blog next? :)


  5. @Paula: Island of Love? OK I'll ask him, I need to know about that! :)

    @Leonard: Thank you, Leonard :)

    @Cati: Don't worry, I will write, but now I have an exam so I can't.

    @Ayesha: Oh yes that's a good idea! I will think about it :)
    I plan to learn another language during the holidays, but I haven't chosen yet. Maybe another language with "cute" characters? hehe